Friday, June 28, 2013

Final Goodyes, Moyobamba, Tarapoto and Lima

Mid June we had our final group finish the mission.
Hermana Sandavalin, Elders Carranza, Lucas, Vasquez, Lopez, Chavez, VandeMerwe, Dickson, Baker, Hernandez, Jones, Burgess.
Andare' en Rectitud!

 The next moring we were at the CCM at 6:30 am to receive our final group of missionaries.  Benvenido!
Pictures on the way to Moyobamba for our final visit.

We traveled to Moyobamba with the president's two counselors and their wives.  During our time here these men have been a huge support to the President.  Each mission president has two counselors that serve with them.  They help with leadership training and interviews that needs to be done.
They men were wonderful counselors. Presidente Cavero
 and Presidente Chauca.
While in Moyobamba we attended a devotional in Moyobamba then on Sunday we traveled to Nueva Cajamaca to attend Sunday church services at a little branch that is established there.  About 80 people were in attendance.  Very soon they hope to move into a new church building that is planned to be constructed.
 The President has worked very hard to get young men from this branch to prepare to serve missions.  This branch needs to continue to grow and one way is to help the youth serve missions so they can return an become the future leaders.  Here president is pictures with several youth that are preparing to serve.   
 On the road back to Tarapoto for another devotional with the members and the missionaries. 
The district presidency that serves in Tarapoto pictured with the mission presidency. 
 Our senior couple the Maynes jump right in and practice along side the other missionaries.  Sister Mayne has taught the woman of Tarapoto about making cookies, better sanitation, how to make quiet books.  They just approached her about helping them to make skirts.  Elder Mayne is helping to get the youth programs of the church up and running and he also is focusing on humanitarian projects.  Senior missionary couples contibute so much because they have so many wonderful life experiences.  
Our last farewell with zonas Moyobamba and Tarapoto.

Their departing shot of us
Farewell Tarapoto, our little rustic Hawaii of the selva. 
We enjoyed our last mototaxi ride through the streets of Tarapoto.
View of the selva (jungle
 We are so glad we had missionaries serving in some of the jungle cities of Peru.  Of the past three years we have had over 300 flights to and from the jungle ciites of Peru. Flying to all these cites each month has been a lot of work but it has been so worth it to see the missionaries and to enjoy a tropical paradise.  Of all the cities we have flown to Tarapoto remains my favorite.  It is a beautiful tropical mountainous area.
During the course of our mission each month we have celebrated birthdays by giving out loaves of banana bread.  Over the the course of the three years we have given out over 600 loaves of banana bread.
Feliz Cumpleanos!
Our final devotional was held in Lima with seven zones.  About 100 missionaries were in attendance.  The president and I both shared some departing thoughts and many of them shared their testimonies.  The most exciting thing about this service has been to see the missionaries enter as teenagers and to see them leave as men and women of God.  The gospel of Jesus Christ changes people on the inside.  They all go home looking about the same but on the inside their hearts have changed because they have grown closer to Christ and His doctrine during their time in the mission.  We will forever love these missionaries that we have served with.  We are invested in their spiritual well being and we have all served in the Peru Lima North Mission.  Los Nortenos Avanzad!

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