Sunday, December 11, 2011

Let the Christmas Celebrations Begin!These twelve sister missionaries are serving in the
                          jungle regions of Peru. In the cities of Tarapoto
                                                 and Moyobamba.
                                         They love serving together.

Life in Peru!
 Most people here do not have personal computers.
               So, if you need a document you go to the next reliable source, the
                            local typewriter man. As you dictate he types.

Our Christmas celebration consists of several things, one is having
           lunch together. Bring on the food!. These are hungry missionaries!

We spend a morning playing games with the missionaries.
                          When we hear a lot of laughs and see a a lot of
                            smiles we know we have brought some cheer
                                                        their way.
Elder Araya is from Chile, he is learning to speak English.

                   Elder Earley on the left and Elder Jacox on the right will
                             finish their missions the end of December.
         They are enjoying their last Christmas celebration on their mission.
                                     They will return home on Dec. 20th.

For you mom's following the blog I hope you see your son or daughter
 in one of the pictures on this post.

Christmas in the Jungle.
Each city has a central plaza. In the plaza they put up a
tall tree with white lights.
Each plaza also has a large nativity scene. In the stores
I hear American Christmas songs.

Here 50 missionaries rest after a morning of games.
Shortly they will receive a gift package containing some home
baked cookies, a brownie and a mini loaf of banana bread.
We have baked over 800 cookies to hand out to the missionaries.

Let the fun begin!

All the missionaries serving in Iquitos Peru.
After a morning of games and lunch we attend a
Christmas devotional together.

Presidente Blunck delivers his Christmas message.

Oops, it looks like this Elder just got wet!

Elders loves to compete an any game you play.

Anyone want to get wet?
We had to come up with an hour of games. Our toy of choice
is the water balloon. These balloons if they pop
drench you. We never have one left.
It is great fun!

At our devotional there are few skits.
Leave it up to the sisters to be creative.
I never knew toilet paper rolls had so
many uses.

Amongst all the fun and games we sing the songs
of the season celebrating our Savior's birth.

In November all the missionaries in Lima.
particapated in a day of service in a town called Comas.
Their job, to clean up and beautify.
They started by sweeping and picking up garbage.

They scraped off old paint.

After the scraping was done then they painted. A hundred missionaries helped to clean up over
6 miles of road side. A lot of work was accomplished
in a short period of time.

Thank you for your service.!

Part of this life's journey is to serve others in need.

Thanks for taking an interest in our mission!
Feliz Navidad!