Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Home Sweet Home!!

When we left on our mission in our family picture we had three grandchildren.  Upon our arrival home, we have eight grandchildren!  Just look at all these future missionaries!!!!  All of them talk about missions and know that grandpa and grandma were missionaries in Peru.  We have been extremely blessed as a family during these past three years.  All these little people were waiting for us at the airport when we arrived in Portland Oregon on Sunday June 30th.  This past week has been a time of much joy and celebration in our family as all of our family has been with us in Oregon.
Do we miss the missionaries, sure we do, but there is not greater joy than being with
 your own family.
We wanted to have a little Peru in our family picture.  During the course of our mission all of our family members were able to visit us at least once.  We are so grateful they could experience a little of our mission with us.  Each time they came we held firesides with all of our missionaries.  No words can adequately express our thanks for the love and support our children gave us and each other during our mission.  They were willing to sacrifice so that we could serve the Lord.
Often times in this life the Lord accomplishes His work here upon the earth through ordinary people.  He asked us to serve a mission in Peru and He magnified our talents and abilities to accomplish His work.  Larry and I are just garden variety people from Canby, Oregon who set out to accomplish His will.  As we trusted in Him the doors to missionary work were opened and many people were invited to come unto Christ during our time in the mission.  As people accepted Christ into their lives they experienced a mighty change of heart and their lives changed for the better. Yes, challenges still occur in their lives on a daily basis, but they are better able to learn and grow
from these experiences by having faith in Christ.
To all of you who have supported us on our mission we want to say thank you. It has been a grand adventure and we love the missionaries we had the opportunity to serve with.  Now part of our family forever will include all the Nortenos we served with.  There could be no greater joy! 
With much love Presidente and Hermana Blunck    

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