Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A lot of little miracles happen around us all the time. Tender mercies from the Lord is a good way to describe these miracles. Perhaps, you receive a phone call when you are feeling blue, or somebody does a kind act of service for you. The Lord uses others to accomplish His work here upon the earth. Elder Dallin H Oaks has said the greatest miracle of our day is that of conversion. This is when a person embraces the gospel of Jesus Christ and changes their lives to live a Christ centered life. That is what missionary work is all about. Inviting others to come unto Christ.

One of our missionaries, Elder Riveros, recently experienced a mighty miracle in his life. He is celebrating his 21st birthday on Sept. 15th and was so excited to receive his weekly email from his family. When the email arrived he was disappointed because it was a short note that only said Happy Birthday. He was extremely disappointed they didn't have more time to write. Then he saw that there was an attachment that he hadn't opened. When he opened the attachment there stood his mom and dad dressed in baptismal clothing. He just started to cry as he had no idea they had been meeting with the missionaries back home in Chile. No greater present could this young man have received than to know that his parents had accepted the gospel of Jesus Christ into their lives. Miracles still happen. The gospel of Jesus Christ changes lives!

We do a lot of training with the missionaries and we always take them to the source of all knowledge, the scriptures, the word of God. Each day they have one hour set aside to personally study the scriptures. Here Elder Whiteside is participating in training.

Elder Silva is making some notes during a training session.

Many of the eldrs are very musically talented. Music has a wonderful way of inviting the spirit. Recently many of these elders sang at a special musical number at a devotional with Elder Oaks.

Here is Presidente Blunck in action. He loves teaching and training these young missionaries. He realizes he is not just training them while they are missionaries but he is helping to teach them life long principles. Part of his calling is to help them realize and reach their potential.

What a privilege it is have received a calling to serve the Lord in this capacity.

This group of missionaries are finishing their mission and returning to the US to continue their education. Their mission has helped to shape and change their lives. From the left; Elder Anderson, Elder Gomez, Elder Crum., Elder Finch, and Elder Schreyer.

We have 6 sister missionaries in Pucallpa Peru. They are fabulous!

They walk down dirt roads, eat a lot of rice and aren't too afraid of big bugs anymore.

Every missionary needs a preparation day, to relax and take care of personal items. Here the office elders enjoy having some fun after lunch in the mission home. From the top Elder Angerbauer, Elder Whiteside, Elder Sandaval, Elder Tunnel, Elder Garcia.

Recently we received our largest group of missionaries. Here we are outside the mission office.

We also sent home our largest group of missionaries. It is a privilege to hear their departing thoughts and testimonies pertaining to how the mission has helped them in their lives. Their own conversion to the gospel is the a mighty miracle.