Sunday, January 30, 2011

Our apartment overlooks a golf course here in Lima. This is about the best view we have had. In the distance you can see the Pacific Ocean.

This is a recent picture our daughter sent to us. She is shown here with her Latino companion and her district leader. She loves serving in the Cusco area.

Here we are with a sister missionary outside the Lima Temple, she is just completing her mission and will be returning to Bolivia.

We have two sister missionaries serving in Pucallpa Peru. They love serving there. They have brought the gospel of Jesus Christ to this man in the photo, he was baptized on Saturday. He repairs shoes for a living.

The sister missionaries serve in a ward in Pucallpa and this is a picture of them with their bishop and another ward member.

Last Tuesday we received a group of 17 new missionaries. Only two are from the US the rest are from countries in South America. This is a day filled with excitement as they have finally arrived in their mission after several weeks at the language training center.

These three missionaries are all from the US. The two on the left have valiantly served the Lord for two years. They go home a changed person. Along with converting others to Christ they have also converted themselves. The elder on the right is an assistant to Larry. He serves in many capacities. He is an exceptional teacher.

This is the latest group of missionaries to complete their missions. The Friday before they depart we take them to the Lima Temple.

Lima is a coastal desert so if you want green space you have to water. Most everything here is done by hand, that includes watering the grass. Big tanker trucks can be seen out watering the green spaces about Lima.

Many people outside of Lima move to Lima in search of a better life. They establish their first home on these foothills of Lima. It is quite a humble start for many. This is how the city grows. Once they obtain good employment they move to nicer housing or upgrade the house they live in. The well established parts of Lima have nice homes. As the city grows up these hill sides they build staircases so people can go up and down more easily. Yes, these are some of the areas our missionaries work in.

This is one of the hillsides that people have developed. In the US we have no concept of poverty.
This is a new area people have started to build in. You can tell because the city has not built any staircases yet. From these pictures you can truly see that Lima is a coastal desert. Our mission consists of two very different parts, the jungle areas and part of northern Lima. The missionaries serve in both areas.

Many times I have comments how everything here is done by hand. At the airport in Iquitos I caught this young man hand painting the stripes in the parking lot. He was thrilled that I would take his picture.

This elder on his preparation day was visiting a family that had a baby pet sloth. An experience of a life time.

This is a senior couple serving as missionaries in Nauta Peru. This city is about 60 miles south of Iquitos. Nauta has never had missionaries so they are working hard to establish the church in this area. They bring much valuable church experience. What an adventure they are having. She speaks Spanish and he is learning Spanish.

Don't these church members look sharp in their white shirts and ties.

This is the new house chapel in Nauta. When the church is established in a new area, houses are used as meeting places until there are enough members to be able to build a chapel. Our senior couple has worked hard to restore this house so it can be used as a meeting place. We only have one couple in our mission and we could use many more. The need is great and they bring so much experience with them.

This open air room was the original meeting place in Nauta. Attendance has now outgrown this meeting place so the senior couple has found a large home that will serve as our new meeting place.

Sunset over the ocean in Lima as seen from our apartment.