Saturday, June 1, 2013

More May Memories

 We continued our May zone conferences in  Lima.  Lima freeway traffic is always interesting and you never quite know what you will see.  Here a local vendor is going with the flow of the rest of the cars down the freeway. 
Zone conference with zones Tahyantinsuyo, Independencia,
Comas and Carabayllo.
This piece of pottery is very distinctive to Pucallpa, Peru.   A group of native people outside of Pucallpa hand made this pottery. 
Zona Pucallpa, this is our largest zone in the mission. 

Hermana Ryder, Elders Juela, Romero and Quispe all just finished the first twelve weeks new missionary program. 

Elders Richardson, Truman, Price and Clavijo, and
Hermanas Martinez and Orellana are all fortifying the church in Pucallpa.
When I first entered the mission I could not say nor spell Pucallpa correctly. My Spanish has progressed a little.  We sure love these young people and their willingness to serve the Lord.  They see people's lives change as they accept Jesus Christ into their lives.  Conversion is a modern day miracle.

 Elder Nurminda from Nicaragua.
Motokar flow was light as we traveled through Pucallpa. 

 More native pottery.
A church building in Iquitos Peru.  This church is located in Secada.  In Iquitos there are 16 different church buildings.  This includes three stake centers.  Currently a new mission office is being built in Iquitos in anticipation for the new mission that has been formed, Mission Peru Iquitos.  This new mission will really help the church to grow in the jungle regions of Peru. The Amazon jungle region is about as large as the state of California.

The local lumber yard in Iquitos.   
 Here is our group of missionaries in Iquitos that have completed their first 12 weeks in the mission program.     
 Zone Conference in Iquitos with zones Iquitos, Punchana, 9 de Octubre, and Secada.  Our zone conference this month focused on what real repentance means in our personal lives and the lives of the people we teach. We also taught them that conversion to the gospel of Jesus Christ is not a one time event but it is a daily process in our lives.   On a daily basis be are trying to become more like our Savior.  Our actions on a daily basis demonstrate our faith in Jesus Christ. 
Our trip to Iquitos concluded our last zone conference we will have with the missionaries.  During the course of three years we have held and attended over 60 zone conferences with the missionaries.  It has been a privilege for us to be able to teach these young  missionaries.  Their lives are changing during their service and and we can see it happening. 
 I few sights of Iquitos.
This local vendor has hand woven all these baskets.  Here he is stripping the vine he uses to make his baskets and furniture. 

 Over the course of the last three years I have never tired of the beautiful skies in the jungle.  I have breathed some of the freshest air in all the world and seen some of the most magnificent sunsets and cloud formations.  We have flown into Iquitos about 50 times during the course of our three year mission.  I have never tired of visiting the jungle regions of Peru.  Life is just a little bit slower in the jungle. 
The office elders for Mission Peru Iquitos are  Elders Anderson, Carter, Uribe and Crump.   They will be serving with President Gomez from Mexico when he arrives at the end of June.   
 The office elders for Mission Peru North are:  Elders Sepulveda, Hernandez, Oretga and Peterson.  They will be serving with President Erickson when he arrives at the end of June. 
 These sweet children teach me a lesson everyday.  They teach me that the most important things in life are not things.  By American standards these children live in poverty.  Many of them live in homes with dirt floors with maybe one light bulb but despite the lack of "things" they are happy.  They were thrilled that I would give them a sticker that said,
 "Families are eternal."

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