Saturday, November 6, 2010

These ten missionaries just entered our mission on Tuesday.
Lynette and her companion as they prepare to board the bus to the airport. Lynette had a one hour flight to Cusco from Lima. Cusco has an elevation of 10500 feet. Lynette will return home with lungs of steel.

The last group of missionaries to depart our mission after two years of service.
Fresh bananas anyone? This pictures was taken on our way to Moyobamba, one of the jungle cities we visit.Up in the mountains outside of Lima we saw much poverty. We are a very blessed people to be able to live in the US.
In the Cusco region everything is made out of adobe bricks that are handmade and drived in the sun. In a months time they can make about 900 bricks.
Here is a batch of bricks drying in the sun.
These are all of the new mission presidents and their wives from Peru, Columbia, Equador, Boliva and Venezuela. We all started our missions on July 1, 2010

Here we are overlooking Machu Picchu with Lynette's mission president and his wife. They are very warm and loving. We are glad Lynette will serve in their mission.

Machu Picchu!

The Inca stone work is incredible. You can't even slip a knife blade in between the stones.

One day of the mission president's seminar we traveled to Machu Picchu. Don't you love the hat?

In the sacred valley of the Incas you see many Inca ruins.

One evening at the seminar we had a group of youth come and perform many of the native dances of Peru. After the last dance all of the girls grabbed mission presidents and had them dance. It was the highlight of the evening. Here we are trying on some of the hats they wore.

Once a year mission presidents attend a training seminar to receive instructions from leaders. This year the meeting was held in the sacred valley of the Incas about an hour outside of Cusco. This is a beautiful valley that goes for miles. There are acres of crops planted in this valley by the native people that still live here. All of the crops are planted, tilled and watered by hand. It is like you go back 100 years in time. We traveled to this part of Peru in the middle of October.

Meeting Lynette at the CCM for lunch.
We met Lynette at the airport when she returned to Peru. Our missionary tags have helped us get to see her on occasion. She calls herself Hermana Blunck II.