Monday, June 17, 2013

Asking in Faith

Specialized training this month focuses on the difference between having prayers and asking in faith.  Elder Bednar gave an excellent talk on Asking in Faith.  Basically having our prayers is communicating with God but asking in faith is prayer followed by action.  Pres. Hinckley says it well, "Get on your knees and pray then get on your feet and go to work." 

Our training started off this month in the city of Pucallpa. 
This will be our last visit to Pucallpa and to this zone.  In July these missionaries will be receiving a new mission president, Pres. Gomez. He will help the missionary work grow in this area of the jungle. 
Elder Valle  with his new trainer Elder Hernandez.  

Elder Price always has a smile on his face.  Missionaries learn
the most as they have a chance to participate.

Sister Martinez and Sister Orellana enjoy a bowl full of brownies
 prepared by their pensionista.  They tell me they have the best
pensionista in all of Pucallpa.
Where there is good food the elders will gather.  The sisters were kind enough to bring a bowl of brownies for the elders.  They are always thinking of others.  Here Elders Anderson, Uribe, Baker, Quispe, Rivera, Clavijo and Truman enjoy a few bites.
 Elder Blanco has learned English while on his mission and is now helping Elder Romero learn to speak English.  Both are from Mexico.  Our hope is when they return home speaking English, that better job and educational opportunities will be opened for them.  All Latinos are given this opportunity. 
 Zona Pucallpa.  This was our last visit to this zone.  No words can express the love that we feel for these young people.  They have made our lives full over the past three years.  In many ways they have changed our lives and we have seen their lives change as they have served the Lord.  Forever they will be apart of our mission family. Duriing testimony time one sweet sister first shared her testimony in Spanish then she concluded by sharing the last part in English.  We were so proud of her. 
After our departing devotional with them they shared a
departing song with us. The hardest part in saying good bye is not knowing if you will see them again. Eighty percent of our missionaries have been Latinos.  This is one of the blessings of email and facebook.  This media can help us keep in contact.    
 Sister Rodrigez and Sister Ryder.
Peru's new soft drink.  It comes in about twenty different flavors. 
We love you ZONA PUCALLPA!


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