Monday, January 21, 2013

Let the New Year Begin!

The new year started off in Lima with a service project
in the city of Comas.  Three zones participated in this activity.
All who participated wore their yellow  "Helping Hands" vests. 


 In January we welcomed into the mission seventeen new missionaries.
These elders are working hard to pick up garbage along a street in Comas.
In Peru it is very common to see street sweepers sweeping the streets.  I have never seen an air blower used here, the steets are all swept by hand. 

On January 7th we said farewell to this group of missionaries.  Teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ for two years has changed their lives.  They learn so much during this time.  They learn that God loves all of his people and He has a plan for each one of us call the Plan of Salvation.  God's plan for us gives our lives purpose.  Part of the focus of His plan is the family.  
After two weeks in Lima we were off to Iquitos and a trip to Nauta which is located 1.5 hours from Iquitos by car.  We have a branch of the church there that was established  2 years ago. Here are a few pictures of the jungle homes we see as we travel to Nauta.

The homes are built up off the ground to keep snakes and other animals out.  Most have palm branches that are used for roofing material.  No glass windows are found in these houses as all windows are open air.  Every house has a clothes line.  After the laundry is had washed in the local river or stream it is hung on a line to dry.  

Here is a picture of the first choir in Nauta.  All the hymns are new to them.  They have learned the tunes by listening to the church prepared CD's They worked very hard to prepare three numbers for the conference. 

Home life in the jungle.

The Nauta Branch that was established just two years ago had 194 people in attendance at their conference.  The gospel of Jesus Christ has literally change thier lives.  Six young adults from this branch have mission calls and more are preparing to serve the Lord.  Their faith is strong.  From a worldly stand point they have nothing but from a spiritual stand point they have everything because they have the gospel of Jesus Christ in their lives. 
They are a happy people because they know where they came from, why they are here and where they will go when thier life draws to a close.  

Primary kids in Nauta. 
Plain popcorn, a balloon, a sticker are a real treats for these sweet children. To all of you who have donated items for us to take to Nauta, thank you.  We have been able to give the women skirts to wear to church, white shirts and ties for the men and boys and a few little dresses for the girls to wear.    
A few photos along the road to Nauta.  

Yes, satilite tv has even made it to some areas of the jungle.