Monday, November 19, 2012

2012 Zone Conferences

Zona Pucallpa
This last week we finished up our zone
conferences. Lunch together helps to break
up the training.  Twenty missionaries are serving in
Pucallpa has a lovely zoo with some magnificent jaguars

 These Hermanas are tremendous missionaries.
 All three of them are from different countries. 
Hermana Alvear is from Equador, Hermana Boyer
 is from the US and Hermana Luburmirsky is
 from Argentina.
Completing the 12 week new missionary program
Elders Munez, Floian, y Flores
On one of our P-days we had the opportunity to discover a few interesting things about the jungle.
  It is true
the people living in the jungle regions use about
everything for food.  These large grubs that feed off of wood
in the jungle.  The locals say eating these grubs will help your respiration.
How would you prefer them, raw or cooked? You can eat them
either way!!! 
Many of the people do not have stoves to cook with inside their homes
because of the heat of the jungle.  So often times you will see people
using a BBQ to cook in the street.  Here you can see barbequed
grubs, bananas, tacacho and some type of seed.
Victoria Regia, this is the name of the giant
lily pads that grow in the jungle. They are strong enough to support
a rather large bird on top of them. 
Young aligators can actually jump quite high to obtain food.
As they get older their weight prohibits this but they can lunge with
great force to obtain their prey.
This boa is about 9 feet long.  Boas do not bite
but they kill their prey by constricting.
Zonas Iquitos, Punchana, 9 de Octubre y Secada
Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends and family in the US.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

November Zone Conferences 2012

This is the second family from the new branch in Nauta to be sealed
for time and all eternity in the Lima Peru Temple.  Elder Orellana from Chile and Elder Coburn from the US who helped teach them, were
able to attend their sealing.  Families are eternal!
Elder Hernandez and Elder Bahr helped this sweet couple
understand the importance of marriage.  They were the honored
witnesses at their wedding. 
 Elders, great job in wearing matching blue ties.
After the wedding this sweet family was baptized.   
Twice a year we recieve training from our church leaders.This year the training was held in Quito Equador.  This is a picture of the twenty five mission presidents and their wives from Peru, Bolivia, Columbia, Equador, and Venzuela.In the front roll is Brother Steve Allen and his wife. 
Bro. Allen is the director of the missionary department of the church and we were privileged to be trained by him.  Seated next to Bro. Allen are Elder Uceda, Elder Pino and Elder Waddell with their lovely wives.
Near Quito is the actual equator of the earth.  Latitude 00' 00'  Here we are pictured with pres. and sister Calderon.  They serve over the mission Lynette served in the Peru Cusco Mission.   
At the equator there is less gravitational pull so you can easily balance an egg on the top of a nail head.  I was happy to know that you weigh a bit less at the equator but you are also not as strong. We saw water drain straight down on the equator line.  On the north side of the equator line the water swirled to the right and to the south of the line the water swirled to the left as it drained.  This is due to the different gravitational pull on either side of the equator. 
 Equador is also known for its beautiful roses. 
This month we are having zone conferences.  We flew to Tarapoto where we met with two zones. This is zone Moyobamba.
Our focus this month is understanding the Doctrine
of Chirst and His desire for all of us to follow Him.
Zone Tarapoto
Our assistants Elder Carraza and Elder Uribe traveled with us
to help with the training.  We are having fun helping them to learn English.
 The sunset as seen from the airplane window as we travel back to Lima 
 Once a month all the zone leaders come to Lima
for a meeting to talk about the needs of the mission.  This also serves as a meeting to teach  them leadership principles.  These leaders carry many responsibilites to help the mission function effectively.  A call to leadership is a call to love, to serve and  to guide the other missionaries.
Outside one apartment I found a collection of shoes. Each missionary that leaves this apartment leaves a pair of shoes for the collection. Each pair tells a story of hard work and dedication to the Lord. 
Zone Wiesse
 We have program in the mission called 8/4/2.  When a
missionary accomplishes this goal they receive a certificate.  What
do the numbers mean:  it means the missionaries have worked
really hard to find 4 people and two families that are prepared to
hear and accept the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Zone Magnolias
Elder Limon is new to our mission, his trainer is Elder Condie.
Zone Canto Grande 
This is what the room looks like when we take pictures. 
Efficiency at it best! 
Zone Carabayllo
These sweet sisters were working in a mercado selling packets
of gum to earn a bit of money.  
Zone Tahuantinsuyo
Zone Independencia

This zone conference the mission doctor, Dr. Bramwell, is teaching
the missionaires about the causes of low back pain.  Number one reason,
poor posture.  Here you see the missionaries practicing their good posture.

This position lasted about 5 minutes then the slouching set in once again.
Zone Comas
Many of the poorer people in Peru do not have washing machines. 
Despite this fact the women take great pride in getting their clothing sparkling clean.  It takes them hours of hand washing in tubs of water but their families never look unkept by wearing dirty clothing.
Our office elders.  They help to keep the affairs of the mission
flowing as so we can be out with the missionaries.
Back row, Elder Baker, Elder Nova, Elder Wilson,
Elder Paucay, Elder Uribe and Elder Carranza. 
Les Amamos!!!!!