Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Our Final Trip to Nauta Peru

 Time for birthdays for zones Canto Grande, Magnolias, and Wiesse.
Happy Birthday Elders!!!!!
 Elder Robles and Elder Reber we love those smiles,
even if you are practicing.
 Zones Canto Grande, Magnolias and Wiesse.
 On the road to Nauta Peru.  This little city of about 10,000 people is located about an hour and a half from Iquitos Peru.  We have a new
branch of the church in Nauta.  Each Sunday about 150 people attend.  All of them have been members less than two and half years.     
 This magnificient tree greets us along the road. 
Notice the hanging bird nests. 
 These are the typical homes you see along the road to Nauta.
 There is a strong youth program in Nauta.  Here is a picture of
all the 12-18 year old youth.
 Our relief society lesson was taught by Patty. 
The following pictures capture some of faces of Nauta. 

 Patty and Mario were one of the first couples to be married and sealed in the Lima Temple.  Patty is a teacher and Mario is a very talented artist. 
 President with a new church member.
 The future of Nauta lies in the faithfulness of the young people.  
Presently from Nauta there are six missionaries serving and two other young people have received their callings.  
The young women of Nauta.
 Anita is pictured with President and I.  She is perhaps one of the most
faithful young women I have ever met.  Her goal to serve a mission. 
She faithfully attends to church every Sunday.
 This sweet mother attends each Sunday with her family. 
 This little boy was working hard to seal his tithing envelope just right. 
 I have never seen so many hands so eager to receive a sticker. 
 The Pinche family was the first family baptized in Nauta.  They were also the first family to be sealed as a family in the Lima temple.  Here they proudly holding  up
The Family a Proclamation to the World.
This is a document the church has prepared on the importance of the family
 Presently, the missionaries serving in Nauta are Elders Clavijo, Anderson Munoz, and Elder Limon.  Elder Uribe and Elder Anderson the two assistents were visiting. 
 The Cometivos family was also sealed in the Lima Temple.
Pres and Sister Chucos.  President Chucos serves as Nauta Branch President.  He is working hard to get the young people of Nauta to serve missions.  He and Sister Chucos carefully watch over this new flock of the Lord's church in Nauta. 
 Life in the middle of the Amazon. 
 The selva.
Not enough stickers for the hands in Nauta. 

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