Saturday, March 5, 2011

Our latest group of missionaries to complete their missions.

These are the elders who help us in the mission office. They are excellent. Most of them serve for six months in the office.

This last month we had zone conferences. Zone Pucallpa was the last zone we visited.

These are some of the beautiful tropical flowers we see in the jungle cities.

Time for planchas (push ups)! We work to build strong missionairies both spiritually and physically. A great way to wake people up after lunch.

One fun way to help our Latino missionaries learn English is to sing hymns.

Missionary work is just about talking to people and being friendly. Something they say will open the door for you to talk about the gospel. Here Larry is talking to a father while they watch a bunch of little boys play soccer.

These two elders are headed out to work. Yes, they are wearing boots! It is the rainy season right now in the jungle regions of Peru so many roads are muddy.

Larry helped the elders teach this family one evening. Peruvians are a very loving and kind and always offer you something to eat. The young man in the striped shirt was baptized on March 5th. Larry gave him a new white shirt and necktie to wear to church.

We have seen some beautiful sunsets from our apartment this past summer.

Zone conference. The missionaries come from different countries and all walks of life but the gospel of Jesus Christ brings them all together.

Sometimes the cloud formations over the jungle of Peru are spectacular.

The mission mom!!!

One of our many jungle trips. Office missionaries always travel with us to work with and help take care of the needs of the other missionaries.

Preparation day, looks like the president out to get someone with those water balloons! Each missionary has one day a week to take care of personal needs. This is called their preparation day.

Preparation day pictures.

President talking to a moto taxi driver.

Preparation day moto taxi ride.

Tarapoto Peru. Missionaries out enjoying the sights.

Litttle boys are always curious.

Zone conference in Tarapoto Peru.

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  1. I loved the updated pictures. Looks like you two are enjoying your service in Lima. My thoughts and prayers are always with you.
    I love you, KML