Friday, March 25, 2011

This is a hive of ants up in a tree. It is made out of mud and inhabited by little red ants. It was huge. When you are walking into the jungle you have to keep an eye out for poisonous ants, snakes and other animals. We were taking a short walk into a university research facility.

These tropical flowers were in bloom everywhere.

This fern is over 8 ft tall.

Tuesday we headed to a jungle region to discover this waterfall. As we walked in to the waterfall the tropical foilage is dense and we heard a wide variety of birds .

Enjoying being out doors and the warm sun in Tarapoto Peru.

After we arrived in Tarapoto we headed to Lamas. Lamas is located in the hills so the view of the valley and surrounding area is great. Lamas still has some native people that live there.

This is a boa snake skin that was shed. We were told this was a small one. In Lamas we found a small museum with a small bug collection from the jungle. As you can see some of these bugs are not very small at all. Everything in the jungle grows big.

Early Monday morning we took off to Tarapoto Peru. Janeece wanted to see a bit of the Amazon jungle while she was here. We took Janeece to our favorite place.

Yes, we have a thumb sucker in the family once again.

Babies are so much fun to hold especially when it is your first grand daughter.

Saturday was a day to see a few sites in Lima in the Miraflores area and we also visited the Inca Market.

Just relaxing in Lima

On Friday Janeece had the chance to to see her Mom and Dad in action as we had the Lima mission tour with the Ucedas. Over 100 missionaries were in attendance. Janeece had a fun time talking to several of the missionaries.

Papa couldn't wait to get his hands on her and he held her every chance he could get.

Their first day here we gave everyone a chance to get rested. Then we had fun giving Rita a bath in our kitchen sink.

Grandma is pretty thrilled to see her for the first time.

We were delighted to great our oldest daughter and her new daughter on March 16th. We had never met our granddaughter as she was born last October. When Janeece walked into the airport little Rita was wide awake despite the fact it was midnight..

These sisters are serving in Iquitos Peru.

Recently we have been having a mission tour by a visiting general authority. Elder Uceda and his wife have been touring our mission. He spends three hours teaching the missionaries. Then has a question and answers session with them. His wife was a missionary in our mission about twenty years ago. The Uceda's are thrilled to revisit the Lima North Mission. She served as a missionary here and he served as the Mission president here. It has been a wonderful experience to tour the mission with them.

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