Friday, March 25, 2011

It has been our privilege this past month to have a visiting general authority from our church tour our mission. He and his wife served over this mission about twenty years ago. She also served her mission in the Peru Lima North Mission. They are wonderful people and it has been a highlight for our missionaries to receive training from them.

Our other excitement for the month was our daughter Janeece and our grand daughter Rita arrived for a 8 day visit. We were thrilled to meet our grand daughter for the first time. We took a few days with our daughter to discover a little more of Peru.

Papa had fun taking this picture of Rita. Everywhere we went people said,"La Muneca, Que Linda" Which means, the doll, how beautiful.

Here we are at a pottery factory we discovered in Peru. At this factory all the pottery is made by hand.

Janeece and I loved looking at all the finished pieces, they were beautifully painted. We also loved visiting with the owners, they were wonderful people. They sell their pottery to many places in the US.

Each piece is hand painted.
This lady is preparing the clay to form a bowl.
The raw product is mixed with water in the top container. It is hand stirred for 6 hours to separate the clay, then it is strained and allowed to sit in the other two containers for 24 hours to settle the clay to the bottom of the container. After that it is sun dried for a week. The end result is soft clay that can be stored for up to a year.

We are off for a tour of Tarapoto in a moto taxi. This handicapped man was a great tour guide. He took us to all the great sites in Tarapoto including to the chocolate factory. Yes, we got a samples. They sell their chocolate in Las Vegas.

After a twenty minute walk into the jungle we arrived at a university research facility where they rehabilitate animals and do research. This is baby jungle tiger. They also had a bear that mainly consumers fruits, boa snakes, a jungle condor, monkeys and huge jungle turtle.

Not to mention alligators.

They grow fresh papaya and pineapple for the animals.


  1. I LOVED THE PICTURES!!!! So glad you had a
    great time with Janeece and Rita. Love you, Kathy

  2. I can't find My little brother ( Elder Martelo ).
    Nice pictures, thank's for share.