Thursday, February 3, 2011

Every house has a clothes line.

This is a pueblo called Santa Clara outside of Iquitos where two of our missionaries are working.

Each Latino elder is paired with an American. They help one another learn a new language. The Latino elders are quite excited to have the opportunity to learn English.

This is one of our office Elders celebrating his 21st birthday.

You can see all the elders were anxious for a break from the training session except one.

This gas station is in Iquitos where the attendant mostly serves mototaxi drivers.

Fill it up, please!

This is a typical lumber yard in Iquitos. All of the wood is coming from the surrounding jungle areas. A lot of wood from the Amazon jungle is shipped from Iquitos.

This is the local car wash in Iquitos. These mototaxi drivers take pride in their vehicles.

This is a mototaxi that has been revamped to be a small size truck. A mom and two children are catching a ride. No child restraint laws here.


  1. Sister Blunck,
    Thanks so much for having a blog. I love seeing all your fun adventures. We haven't heard from our Elder Anderson for 5 weeks and your blog gives me peace to know that he is happy and anxiously engaged in the Lord's work. I love the picture of him and Elder Hudson. Elder Hudson is from my sister-in-law's ward. We went to his homecoming last week. What a great Elder. He did an amazing job. He bore a powerful testimony. Thanks so much for taking such good care of our missionaries.

    Sister Arlene Anderson

  2. Sis. Blunck,
    Again, thank you... we haven't had current pictures of Elder Riggs for a very long time, seeing his big smile brought tears... I'm so grateful he has this wonderful experience serving the Lord and it brings comfort knowing he is in good hands. We are very excited to meet you both, thank you for all your service and for loving our missionaries as you do!!