Tuesday, May 8, 2012

This is the Lima Peru Temple.  Families are sealed together for time and all eternity here. 
The building to the right is new.  This building houses missionary couples
that are serving in the temple and the lower floors provide economical housing for those
who have traveled a long distance to attend the temple.

This is our latest group of missionaries to depart the mission.  They leave with strong testimonies of Jesus Christ and a desire to go home and continue to serve others and the Lord.  I love
their smiles. 

Our latest group of missionaries to enter the mission.  They come from many different countries.  In this group is our first missionary from Honduras.  All come from from different backgrounds and experiences but the Gospel of Jesus Christ unites us all.  The Lord
blesses these new Americans to learn a new language quickly. If only the language would come to me as quickly.   Right now we
have about 200 missionaries in our mission.

Elder Essig has been serving as an assistant to the president, he is a great young man!  He will finish his mission training a new missionary.
He and his companinon travel with us to participate in and to help train
 other missionaries.  These young men take care of a lot of details so the
president can focus on the needs of the missonaries. 

Pizza anyone?  Elder Huaiquimilla, Elder Essig, Elder Hendricks and
Elder Crump  are just about ready to provide lunch to the new missionaries. 
Pizza is always a hit!

When new misisonaries arrive each is paired with a trainer for the
first twelve weeks.  Trainers are some of our best missionaries.
Thanks Elder: Ortega, Sepulveda, Clouse, Olguin, Hernandez, Arias, Cifuentes and Purvis.
Thank you for your service Elders!

Elder Ortega and  Elder Anderson who is new are off to their area.
Let the journey begin!!!!

Part of the journey for the Latino missionaries is to have the opportunity to
learn English.  Here Elder Cespedes takes his English test.  The test consists of a oral conversation online that is evaluated in the US.  Each Elder who completes the
exam is given a certificate certifying their level of proficiency.  They can
present this certificate to employers at home.  For many of them this opens doors
to better employment. 

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