Monday, May 28, 2012

 This is the new branch presidency from Nauta that was set apart
recently.  This new branch is just over a year and a half old.  We are
excited to have the new members now serving in leadership 

Our senior couple the Nelsons served in Nauta for 14 months
helping to establish the church and fortifying the new members.  They served in various positions while teaching the new members how to
serve in their new callings and be members of the church
 Senior couples bring years of church experience with them.

President Chucos, 1st counselor David Pinche, 2nd counselor Ranulfo Cometivos, Secretary Abel Cometivos.  Abel is 18 years old, he is the son of Ranulfo.  When he turns 19 he plans on serving a mission.  

This last week we visited Iquitos Peru for zone conferences. 
 Presently there are four zones in Iquitos.
These elders are from two of the Iquitos zones.  
Elder McKeachnie, Elder Emett, Elder Castaneda and Elder Blanco.

Today the missionaries in Iquitos found our that on June 11th
 President Uchtdorf and Elder Cook will be visiting Iquitos Peru.
They will have the opportunity to hear them speak the night of June 11th. 
We are so excited for them, as many of them are new converts
to the church and have never had the opportunity to personally meet a general authority of our church.  
When new missionaries enter the mission they are given material to study for  12 weeks to help them become better prepared to teach people the gospel of Jesus Christ.  When they complete this program they are awarded a certificate of completion.  We also invite their trainers to stand with them. Trainers are perhaps the most influencial companions they
will every have.    

  In our mission we invite the missionaries to do
hard things.  The three hard things they
identify are contacting people, practicing the lessons,
and doing push ups.  We are here to make boys into men so
that means we do the hard things like push ups. 
 During this conference our topics were the Atonement of Jesus Christ and
effective planning.  Each companionship was given a
large map of their areas and trained on how to use the map in planning
their visits more effectively. Hermana Zagal is from Chile
and Hermana Rodriguez is from Guatemala. One evening
I went out and worked with these great sisters.   
 Elder Nielsen and Elder Chavez

I hope you moms can find a picture of your son  or daughter if they are serving in Iquitos.
 Zona Secada
Can you identify your sons shoes?
These shoes walk a lot of miles!
 Zona Nueve de Octubre
I love this zone unity!
 Missionaries come in all shapes and sizes and so do their feet.
Zona Iquitos

 Mission work helps these young people become men and women of God
John Ruskin says it well:  "The highest possible reward for any man's toil is not what he gets from it, but what he becomes by it."
 Zona Punchana
 We teach the missionaries they have to do something to have success on their missions.  There is no happiness without action.   The Lord will help us but we have to exercise our faith and act.   
 These shoes have walked a lot of miles.  They have walked on pavement, on dirt and in mud all to find the sincere in heart and those seeking a new life in Jesus Christ. 
The shoes of a missionary always tell us a story.
 A many a miles has been walked in these shoes and
a many of families has been baptized by this missionary.
 Our missionaries come in all shapes and sizes, just look at
their shoes sizes.
President Blunck with his two assistants. 
Elder Sorenson and Elder Mar.

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