Monday, May 21, 2012

 Elder and Hermana Nelson with Elder Amos Mendosa.
Amos is the first young man to serve a mission from
 the jungle city of Nauta Peru.  He was set apart today as a full
time missionary to serve in the Boliva La Paz Mision.   He has been
a member for little over a year.  The Nelsons served in Nauta for 
14 months helping to establish a branch of the church there. 
Amos attended Hermana Nelson's seminary class each day to
learn the gospel. 

From this young man we learned a great lesson. On this day when he was set apart, he could not thank us and the Nelson's enough for all he has been given in his life.  Really we have just guided him and
   the Lord and the gospel of Jesus Christ have given him a new life. 
This young young man comes from the humblest of circumstances,
 his home has dirt floors and very few furnishings but his heart was full of 
gratitude and thanksgiving. 

From the one who has the least of this world's pocessions came
the most words of gratitude. 
What a powerful lesson he taught all of us this day.

Elder Mendoza will enter the CCM this Wednesday.

In our apartment you can see
that we have flags from all the countries our
missionaries are from. 

This month we are doing zone conferences.
I hope some of you moms can find a picture of your missionary.
Zona Tahuantinsuyo 
Zona Carabayllo 
 Zona Independencia
 Zona Pucallpa
Hemrnas:  Grow, Arias, Vasquez y Melo
and Elder Smith in the background 
Zona Tarapoto
 Zona Yurimaguas
 Zona Moyobamba

 I had to laugh when these elders  (Whiteside, Haderlie, Hughes
 and Van Valkenburg started looking
in my cupboards to see if there was any food.  Boys
will be boys!!!!!   They were in luck I had brownies and ice cream
on hand and they were pretty happy.

Life in Peru is always quite interesting.
Pulled pork sandwiches anyone.  I'll have
to keep this idea in mind next time I entertain. 
Fresh pork pulled right from the pig.
I really couldn't believe what I was seeing. 

Lima has some wonderful spanish architecture.
These cathedrals are located near the central plaza.

 There is also a modern side to Lima.
The Westin hotel is probably the newest addition.
From where we live it takes us about an hour
 to travel to the mission office.  The president also
has a working office in our apartment. 

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  1. Always such a joy to check the blog and see a new entry. Thanks for all of your work to keep us informed about Lima Norte. I love to see all of the missionaries--and especially my hermanita.

    Love, Sister Bowles