Sunday, December 23, 2012

More Christmas in Lima

What is Christmas without frosted sugar cookies?

This month we had a fun sisters activitiy in the casa misional.  All the sisters that are serving in Lima were invited for lunch and had the opportunity to prepare a gift for their pensionista.  A pensionista is a lady that prepares two meals a day for the missionaries.   

Merry Christmas from Sister Grow and Sister Sandovalin.
Feliz Navidad from Sister Grow and Sister Melo. 

Merry Christmas from Sister Cherry, Sister Zagal and Sister Sosa. 
Our final Christmas activity was held in Lima. 

Feliz Navidad from Elder Burgess

Merry Christmas from Sisters:  Grow, Sandolalin, Cherry and Zagal

Merry Christmas from Elders: Lazano, Coburn, Fenn, VandeMerwe and Castro

Merry Christmas from Elder Bercera, Elder Richardson, and Elder Nurmela.
Merry Christmas!!!!
Feliz Navidad from Elder Carranza, Elder Baker, Elder Uribe, and Elder Paucay.

Feliz Navidad from Elder Nova, Elder Wilson and Elder Crump.
Merry Christmas from Elder Condie and Elder Limon.
What is Christmas without a few homemade treats from Santa's kitchen? 
I have a wonderful lady that helped with all the Christmas baking.  She helped bake over 200 mini loaves of banana bread and over 1000 cookies. 
These missionaries are pretty happy to receive their Christmas bag of goodies.

Merry Christmas from Zones:  Independencia, Tahuantinsuyo,
Comas and Carabayallo.
From our house to yours, we wish you a very Merry Christmas!
Might we all remember the reason for this glorious season.  A sign here in Lima says it quite well.  No hay Navidad sin Jesus.  "There is no Christmas without Jesus Christ".  He gave His life for each one of us.  He paid the price for our sins, our weaknesses, our pain and our sorrow.  All He asks in return for such a sacrifice is for us to follow Him. 
We love this great work we are involved in and we love the missionaries we serve with. 
We send each of you our love and best wishes for a wonderful holiday season. 
Love from Peru,
Presidente y Hermana Blunck, and Lynette (our youngest daughter)   

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  1. Feliz Navidad to my favorite people. I am excited for you to spend Christmas with Lynette. It looks like you have been busy the month of December. Have a Merry Christmas. I love you, kml