Thursday, February 28, 2013

Last Two Zone Conferences

 Beautiful blue skies and farmland.

Our last two zone conferences were in the jungle cities
of Moyobamba and Pucallpa.  On the
road to Moyobamba.
It is the rainy season right now in the jungle.  "Winter " to the locals.  When it rains a lot, it is their winter.  Coming from Oregon you expect it to be cold when it rains but this is not true in the selva.  With a lot of rain and run off the rivers run high and are very muddy.  It is common to see areas of flooding.
Local business section of Moyobamba.
 Zona Moyobamba:  Elder Reina, Luna, Maldonaldo, Presidente, Woolstenhulme, VandeMerme, Clavijo, Valencia, Maldonado, Vasquez y Bustos
President spend an evening working with Elders Woolstenhulme, y Bustos.
Then we were off to Pucallpa for our last zone conference.  This jungle man always greets us outside the airport. He has a bundle of bananas on his back with a shovel and machette in his hands.
Completing the first twelve week program Elders; Stephens, Scott and Ruiz
 Practicing is not a favorite activity with the missionaries but we do a lot of it.  As we practice little by little our skills become better.  Learning to be a good teacher is a process. Here Elder Scott and Elder Florian pracitce a lesson.
Elder Fisher is training Elder Quispe
 This zone was on fire last month earning their 8/4/2 certificates. 
This is a hard certificate to earn because it requires the cooperation of the
members.  If the members will be involved in the missionary work the missionaries have much more sucess in finding families to teach. 
 Elder Flores and Elder Truman
Sister Rider and Sister Rodrigez
 Zona Pucallpa is on fire!  They have the vision of finding familes to teach.
This foto is for our kids back home.  For all the times you were so embarrassed when we showed up in the van that had no hub caps or gave you a kiss in front of all your friends.  We love you!!!

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