Monday, November 19, 2012

2012 Zone Conferences

Zona Pucallpa
This last week we finished up our zone
conferences. Lunch together helps to break
up the training.  Twenty missionaries are serving in
Pucallpa has a lovely zoo with some magnificent jaguars

 These Hermanas are tremendous missionaries.
 All three of them are from different countries. 
Hermana Alvear is from Equador, Hermana Boyer
 is from the US and Hermana Luburmirsky is
 from Argentina.
Completing the 12 week new missionary program
Elders Munez, Floian, y Flores
On one of our P-days we had the opportunity to discover a few interesting things about the jungle.
  It is true
the people living in the jungle regions use about
everything for food.  These large grubs that feed off of wood
in the jungle.  The locals say eating these grubs will help your respiration.
How would you prefer them, raw or cooked? You can eat them
either way!!! 
Many of the people do not have stoves to cook with inside their homes
because of the heat of the jungle.  So often times you will see people
using a BBQ to cook in the street.  Here you can see barbequed
grubs, bananas, tacacho and some type of seed.
Victoria Regia, this is the name of the giant
lily pads that grow in the jungle. They are strong enough to support
a rather large bird on top of them. 
Young aligators can actually jump quite high to obtain food.
As they get older their weight prohibits this but they can lunge with
great force to obtain their prey.
This boa is about 9 feet long.  Boas do not bite
but they kill their prey by constricting.
Zonas Iquitos, Punchana, 9 de Octubre y Secada
Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends and family in the US.

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  1. Thank you for posting! Your entries are informative and reassuring for a mama missing her son in the Peru Lima East mission. I found you by googling, and I imagine that his experiences are similar to those of your elders. I know President and Sister Ardila are great servants of the Lord, and I imagine they care for their missionaries as much as you do.