Sunday, October 21, 2012

Greetings from Peru!!!!
Thank you Elder Sorenson!!
Elder Sorenson just left the office, he has done a
great job serving as one of the president's assistents.
 This group just finished their missions.  We love each one of them and are
so greatful we could serve with them in this great work.  Elders:  Johnson
Emett, Harris, Flores and Franks.  Hermana Sanhueza from Chile.

Pictures from along the road to Moyobamba.
Moyobamba was the first city established by the Spaniards
in the Amazon jungle region. It was established in 1540.   
Over 3000 varieties of orchids grow naturally here, it is a high mountain  jungle region

Moyobamba is a distrist unit of the church.  Every six months the president and his two counselors travel to Moyobamba to teach and train the leadership of this district.  They also hold a meeting for all the members. 
On this trip a new branch of the church was organized in a town thirty minutes from Moyobamba in Soritor.  Pictured  below
are the members of the new branch presidency.  Elder Huaiquimilla from Chile and Elder Anderson from the US are serving in this presidency to help get this new branch started. 

Members of the new branch.
  Back in the office we just celebrated two birthdays.  Elder Sorenson is from Utah and Elder Paucay is from Chile.  We celebrated on Elder Sorenson actual birthday and his choice for lunch, a big mac sandwichs.  The things you miss when you are in a foreign country.  You can see it was a big hit. 

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