Saturday, September 29, 2012

A bit of family news.
 This past month David and Sheri were able to have
their third son sealed to them in the Columbus, Ohio Temple.
What a sweet blessing.
Families are forever!!!!
 Preston loves his Daddy!
Also this past month,  Tito asked President Blunck
to baptize him.  Tito works as a security guard at one of our
churches in Iquitos and Larry just assumed he was a
member of the church.  As Larry visited with him
he shortly realized he wasn't a member which led to
a quick lesson and a referral to the missionaries, Elder Villegas
and Elder Bandis. 
Tito was very excited to learn about the doctrine of Christ and the restoration of the priesthood of God.  Afterwards he desired to be baptized
He is a great young man!

Our training this month with the missionaries started off in
Lima.  Lima was established about 1575 by the Spaniards
and still has some beautiful Spanish style buildings
This month our training focused on effective personal scripture
study, proper language, and use of the area book.  The area book
is a record book of the people the missionaries are teaching.  
Zones Wiesse, Canto Grande and Magnolias

Wiesse Elders returning to their area.  Wiesse is
located up a valley from Lima.  It is a developing area with
many unpaved roads, unclaimed dogs and lots of dust.

 Zones Comas, Carabayllo, Independencia and Tahuantansuyo.

All our Latino missionaries are invited to
study and learn English during their missions. 
Usually Latinos are invited to give the opening
and closing prayers at each meeting in English. 
This month the bar was raised a bit and at each training
we invited one Latino to give a 10 to 15 minute
talk about the Atonement of Jesus Christ.
They loved this opportunity.
If questions were asked during the teaching, Latinos were invited to
answer in English and Americans in Spanish.   
Elder Barragan

Elder Bustos
Elder Blanco
Elder Zuniga 

After training in Lima we were off to the jungle cities.
A day in the life of a missionary serving in the jungle.

Each week missionaries give 3-4 hours of service in their areas.
Here a group of elders are digging a ditch.
Everything here in Peru is done by hand.
All the shovels I have ever seen are 4 feet long. 
Generally Peruvians are shorter so no need for long
handle shovels. 

Sister Sosa is conducting the meeting
in Iquitos. 

Zones Secada, Iquitos, Punchana, and 
9 de Octubre 
These sisters were pretty proud to have
won the packages of skittles and starbursts.
Skittles is a hot item for the missionaries.
Great job Hermanas Bowles, Vasquez, Boyer and Alvaer

Zones, Tarapoto, Moyobamba, and

Bananas produce twice a year in the jungle.
A big blossom forms at the bottom of the banana
bunch.  My favorite bananas are called
finger bananas, they are about 4 inches long and
very sweet.
The President is with a sweet family that is attending church in Soritor
Soritor is about 30 minutes from Moyobama Peru.  In Soritor
we have a new group of the church that is forming.  In October they
will officially become a branch of the church. 
Zone Pucallpa 
This is a special picture because it shows
all the sisters in our mission.  We had a special
conference for all of them in Lima. They serve 
though out the mission.  Some serve in Lima and many
of them are serving in jungle cities.
We love these sisters for their great faith and desire to serve the Lord.
At times they have the ability to get into doors the elders
can't get into. 

The Lord uses these valiant people to move His work forward here upon the
earth.  We are grateful for each one of them and the opportunity we have to serve with them in this great work. 
The gospel of Jesus Christ has the ability to change peoples lives.
This is one of the great miracles of today.



  1. Thanks for the great update. David's family looks very happy. What a special blessing to the Blunck family. love you, kml

  2. I just loved your blog. The missionary work is one of the most beautiful Works ever done. I'm really proud of being a member of this church! =)