Saturday, February 11, 2012

Elder Sandoval just completed his mission.  He
has served as one of Larry's assistants for nine
months.  He is a great missionary and
returns to Arequipa  to continue
serving the Lord.
How about a game of Simon Says for a
group of routy litte kids who just
couldn't sit still during a lesson.
Hermana Aria is from Columbia.  She always
has a great smile on her face.
Contacting people is truly a challenge
for a lot of our young missionaries.  It is all
about taking an interest in other
people and their lives 
Here Presidente Blunck takes down a name
 of a person who is interested in talking
 to the missionaries.

Once again it is the rainy season in the
jungle.  Rivers are rising and people are
using their boats to get to their homes.
All fresh water has to be carried and
tranported in each day.
In a small pueblo, Santo Tomas, Elder Essig
stopped to visit some of his recent converts.
The Maricahus family sells art work made out
of balsic wood for a living.
Here is a four foot dolphin he has
 hand carved and is preparing to paint. 
We fly a lot to meet with missionaries 
serving in la selva (the jungle). 
I just wish they wouldn't have these broken
down airplanes right by the airport, it is always
a bit unnerving.   
 Hermana Tayun and Hermana Boyer are presently
 assigned to work in Lima.  I try and work with the sister
missionaries when ever I can.  These sisters took me on my
first combie ride to get to their area.  Combies are mini vans 
that have been re vamped to cram about 15 people into. It is always 
a great experience to work with the sisters.  They are great teachers!  
     Hermana Boyer is new to the mission 
These women are working on their
geneology by visiting a local
cemetery in the jungle. 
Millions of people live in Lima and I have
seen a few very expensive cemeteries.  I have
always wondered where all the poorer people
 are buried.  Two missionaries took me to
a cemetery where the poor are buried.
It was a hillside of graves.

Sacred and simple.
This man is sharing a moment with a  loved one. 
Each day he carries water to this grave
keeping the plants green. 
Lima near our mission office.
Lima Sunset.

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