Monday, November 7, 2011

And I thought eastern Oregon was a desert. At least sage brush grows there and wild flowers bloom. Truly this photo is a desert landscape. This coastal desert region is one of the driest places on this earth. Snakes do not even live here. This was the sight of our mission president's seminar this year, Paraches Peru. Every 6 months we receive training from the area presidency that precides over 5 countries. (Peru, Columbia, Equador, Bolivia, and Venezuela). They receive their training from our church leaders in Salt Lake City. Luckily they found a hotel on the bay of Parachas for us to hold the seminar. We enjoyed palm trees and a beautiful bay. With a little water you can grow anything here.

The wind always blows here. Most days it blows at 40 mph. You can tell by my hair the wind is blowing. The other interesting thing is; there is cell service here, amazing!!!!

I had to laugh at this group of mission presidents taking pictures, they look just like a group of elders, just a bit older. Each day of the seminar we were instructed by Elder Pino, Elder Uceda and Elder Waddel. Each is a member of the first quorum of the seventy of the leadership of our church. Each has served as a mission president. Each day started at 8:30 am and finished at 7:00 pm with dinner and some entertainment.
These are all the wives that attended the seminar. We love to chat and share ideas when we get together.

One day was set aside for sight seeing around the area. This desert scape is called the candlelabra or some call it the tree of life. It has been here for centuries.

One evening we were treated to traditional dancing from Peru. Each province has a different type of dance. These youth are from a local church. The costumes from each region are always bright and beautiful. In the back row you will notice Elder Pino, Elder Waddel and Elder Uceda.

This dance originates from the Trujillo region of Peru.
These five mission presidents serve in differents parts of Lima. It is amazing that one city can have 5 different missions in it.

Here we are with Lynette's mission president. Presidente Calderon and his wife. We are so thankful he is Lynette's mission president. He and his wife are fabulous people and we know they keep an eye on Lynette. With a daughter serving a mission we understand a little better how parents feel about mission presidents and their wives.

Here are all the mission presidents serving from Peru. There are ten of us. In all there were twenty five mission presidents at the conference. They serve along side and with 3914 elders and sisters. What a sacred responsibility it is to teach, train, serve and love these young people.

Here is one parting photo of all who attended the conference.
We have met many wonderful people serving a mission. We learn from each other, share ideas and love and appreciate each other. Each one of them blesses our lives and makes our lives fuller. What a privilege it is to serve a mission for the Lord. Now it is back to our missionaries and helping them become the kind of person God wants them to become on their mission. We love these young people!

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