Sunday, January 30, 2011

This is a senior couple serving as missionaries in Nauta Peru. This city is about 60 miles south of Iquitos. Nauta has never had missionaries so they are working hard to establish the church in this area. They bring much valuable church experience. What an adventure they are having. She speaks Spanish and he is learning Spanish.

Don't these church members look sharp in their white shirts and ties.

This is the new house chapel in Nauta. When the church is established in a new area, houses are used as meeting places until there are enough members to be able to build a chapel. Our senior couple has worked hard to restore this house so it can be used as a meeting place. We only have one couple in our mission and we could use many more. The need is great and they bring so much experience with them.

This open air room was the original meeting place in Nauta. Attendance has now outgrown this meeting place so the senior couple has found a large home that will serve as our new meeting place.

Sunset over the ocean in Lima as seen from our apartment.

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