Sunday, September 19, 2010

Posts from Peru

Macaw birds are native to the rain forests of South America. We saw this beautiful bird at a zoo outside of Iquitos. They eat nuts, fruit and insects. They are the largest parrot species.

Larry was excited to get a kiss from this python.

On the other hand Karen was anxious to get rid of this python around her neck.

These pythons mainly live submerged in the swamps in the jungle.

We visited a manatee preserve and Larry was able to feel this baby manatee. Often times babies are brought to this preserve because their mothers have been killed. They are hand fed and raised on soy milk for two years in holding tanks before they can turned out into ponds. Manatee live in the Amazon river and feed upon the plant foliage in the river to help keep the plant growth under control. It is illegal to hunt them but many females are killed leaving their babies behind. They must drink milk until they are two years old and are able to digest plants.

These buses are made out of wood on old truck bodies. The interiors are completely out of wood and tin covers the outside of them. They have no windows and a wooden bumper.

We had a little time to play soccer on a preparation day in Iquitos. It was only 95 degrees outside with 100 % humidity. Everyone lasted about 45 minutes before they were completely exhausted from the heat. What can I say they had a great time.

These little boys were excited to learn about Jesus and to have their very own pass along card. They were also fascinated by my camera, they had never seen one before. They loved seeing themselves after I took a picture of them.

Larry with his two assistants and we get ready to board our flight home. These are great young men who help Larry teach and train the missionaries. They are tremendous help to us.
These little children were fascinated by my blue eyes. I don't think they had seen a woman with white skin and blue eyes before. Each one of them told me their names and how old they are.

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